Looking to improve your social media engagement? Facebook Live could be the answer.

Facebook Live’s growing popularity makes it a great tool for small businesses. One in five of the videos shared on the social network are now Live videos. Since Facebook Live first launched, the daily watch time for Live broadcasts has grown by more than four-times.

How can you use Facebook Live for your small business? 

  • Interviews: Get one-on-one with your customers. Host an interview with the business owner or a company leader about a topic that will interest your audience.
  • News: Go Live to reveal a new product or menu item. Livestream a product update or exciting company news.
  • Events: Broadcast a company or industry event by going Live. Let your customers see what’s going on.
  • Behind the Scenes: Give customers a glimpse into your business. Show them how your team or business operates behind closed doors.

Tips on going Live:

  • Tell people ahead of time when you’re planning to broadcast.
  • Ensure you have a strong WiFi connection before going live.
  • Write a compelling description of your broadcast beforehand.
  • Acknowledge commenters and to respond to their comments, when possible.
  • Broadcast for at least 10 minutes to build a following and reach a wider audience.
  • Try different types of broadcasts – and go live frequently.
  • Invite followers to subscribe to future videos.

Live-streaming  is a great way to engage with your customers and followers. Go ahead and try it. Go Live and share your small business story on social media today.

Facebook Live for Your Business