Business owners often contact our agency after a customer has posted a negative review online. They usually want to know how to remove a negative review. After all, a bad review can easily damage the reputation of a small business.

It’s important that business owners monitor their online reviews regularly and respond. Here are a few tips to help customer manage social media and online reviews:

Be proactive. Encourage happy customers to post a review immediately after a sale or service. This will help generate a good base of positive reviews for your business.

Respond immediately. Whether its a negative or positive review, make it a habit of responding to all reviews in a timely fashion. Failing to address negative reviews could make things worse.

Be polite. Remain professional in all responses. Simple things like apologizing for a bad experience or telling a customer that you will look into the issue can go a long way.

Provide facts. When responding with a rebuttal, it’s best to stick to the facts. Posting a statement on steps being taken to improve a product or service may not always appease an upset customer but it shows that you are working to correct the issue.

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Managing Online Reviews